Visitor Information

Regulations for Visitor Information and Visitor Management at the Fraumünster Church

To create a more tranquil atmosphere and to provide attractive, multilingual visitor information, the Fraumünster Church introduced a new visitor management and visitor regulation system on the 20 th of June 2016.

As of the 1 st of November 2016, the following regulations are in effect:

From November 1st to February 29th the Fraumünster Church is open from 10am to 5pm and from March 1st to October 31st from 10am until 6pm. The Church will open after services on Sundays and holidays. The most up-to- date opening hours are displayed at the main entrance on Poststrasse.

The use of cameras, mobile phones, and computers is not permitted on Church premises. Eating and drinking are prohibited; dogs and other animals must stay outside. Wardrobe should be appropriate for the visitation of an ecclesiastical building. Political rallies, collection of signatures, and panhandling are prohibited. Entry will be refused in case of violations of Swiss anit-racism laws.

An admission/information fee of CHF/EUR/USD 5.00 applies for touristic-visitors. In return you receive free access to the crypt museum and visitor information in one of eight available languages – an audio guide or an illustrated brochure.
Your ticket to Fraumünster entitles you to a CHF 5 discount on admission to the collection of Kunsthaus Zürich with masterworks by Marc Chagall.

Non-touristic visitors seeking reflection or tranquility may enter free of charge and may obtain their own personal (unlimited access) visitor card for easier entry. This card guarantees entry without complications.

For prayer and reflection, we recommend visiting Mary’s Chapel.

Admission is free for children up to 16 years of age, students, and apprentices (audio guide included).

Audio guides are made available without deposit; they are to be returned at the kiosk located at the northern exit.

Travel bags, suitcases, and backpacks are to be checked at the entrance.

The crypt museum located beneath the choir can accommodate a maximum of 20 visitors. When visiting the crypt, we recommend the crypt brochure, which is available at the kiosk/shop, or the audio guide.


Regulations for Group visits

To accommodate the need for a peaceful atmosphere, as well as for safety and technical reasons, groups are limited to a maximum size of 60 participants.

Tours that do not utilize our whisper-tour guide system are not permitted during visiting hours.

Tours may only be facilitated by accredited guides who have received advanced training from the Fraumünster or Grossmünster Church. This training is available for all interested guides. Register at Participants will receive an accreditation ID.

Tour groups comprised of five adult individuals or more may only be facilitated by accredited guides using our whisper-tour guide system. Groups should register at for a timeslot. There is an entrance and informational fee of CHF/EUR/USD 3.00 per person. In return visitors receive free access to the crypt museum and an audio guide or an illustrated brochure available in one of eight languages.

Unregistered visitor groups are only permitted during vacant timeslots. Such groups may only be led by accredited guides. The entrance and informational fee for such groups is CHF/EUR/USD 4.00 per person. In return visitors receive free access to the crypt museum and an audio guide or an illustrated brochure available in one of eight languages.