Visitor Information

Visitor Information and Visitor Management


The Fraumünster Church introduced a new visitor management and visitor information regulation system on 20 June 2016, in order to create a tranquil atmosphere and provide attractive, multilingual visitor information. These new regulations are in the introductory phase. Experiences are being collected in order to find an optimal permanent regulation system.

In place from 1 November 2016, to remain until further notice:

An admission fee / information charge of CHF 5.00/ EUR 5.00 applies for touristic-visitors. In return you receive free access to the crypt museum and visitor information in eight languages – an audio guide or an illustrated brochure.

Non-touristic visitors seeking a pause, reflection time or tranquility may enter free of  charge. For unlimited, simplified visits, you may obtain your own personal (unlimited access) visitors card.  A one-time processing fee of CHF 2.00 will be charged. This card guarantees uncomplicated free entry.

For prayer and reflection, we recommend visiting the Mary’s Chapel.

Admission is free for youth up to 16 years of age, students, and apprentices (audioguide included)

Registered visitor groups of five individuals or more, may only enter with accredited guides and our new audio guide options. Groups must register and reserve a time slot via the following website, There is a CHF 3.00 / EUR 3.00 admission and information fee, per person, for these groups.  In return you receive free access to the crypt museum and visitor information in eight languages – an audio guide or an illustrated brochure.


Unregistered visitor groups of five individuals or more, may enter only during unreserved time slots – with required respectful and calm behavior. These groups may only be run by accredited guides. The admission and information fee is CHF 4.00 / EUR 4.00. In return you receive free access to the crypt museum and visitor information in eight languages – an audio guide or an illustrated brochure.


The two parishes of Fraumünster and Grossmünster have set themselves the goal of raising the quality standard of all guided tours as well as the entire information service. This includes elevating the tranquility within the church itself, despite the high number of visitors.


More than ever, the central focus of the visitor information and management is to open the church’s interior space to the senses, in a way that familiarizes visitors with the spiritual, aesthetic/artistic, and symbolic dimensions. At the same time, our gentle guidance will ensure that the varying needs of visitors and silence-seeking, prayerful individuals are respected.


The following regulations apply in Fraumünster:

Opening hours:
10am to 5pm from November 1ˢᵗ  to February 29th, and 10am to 6pm from March 1ˢᵗ to October 31ˢᵗ .
On Sundays and holidays the church will open after services between 12 noon / 12:30pm.

Group Size Limitations:
To accommodate for the need of a peaceful atmosphere, safety and technical reasons, groups are limited to a maximum size of 60 participants.

Groups must book in advance:
All groups of five individuals or more must register in advance; only groups with a preregistered time-slot will be admitted. Bookings should be made as early as possible.

All bookings must be made exclusively through
Booking requests must be made using the website’s registration form.

Accredited tour guides only:
Tours may only be facilitated by accredited guides who have received the advanced training from both churches. This training will be offered to all interested guides.  Register at

Participants will receive an accreditation ID and comprehensive audio guide texts in exchange for a service fee.

Tours only available which comprise our wireless audio guide system:
Spoken tours are only available with our whisper guide system: a wireless radio guide system that allows communication between tour guides and tour participants using wireless headsets. This whisper technology is a built-in feature of the audio guides. Moreover, our audio guides have additional audiovisual features that can be used to enrich your whisper tour experience.

Recorded audio tour in eight languages – adjustable information  levels:
The recorded Fraumünster audio guides, enriched with pictures and detailed views of the Chagall stained glass windows, can be individually programmed into eight different languages. The recordings are available in various lengths and levels of detail (20 or 55 min.), enabling the possibility of an extended tour through the church or simply a focused viewing of the Chagall windows.

Audio guide deposit and rental charges:
Audio guides may be rented for a cash fee of CHF 5.00 / EUR 5.00.
Rental must be paid at the western portal entrance (Fraumünster street entrance). The audioguides are to be returned at the kiosk/shop next to the exit.

The Fraumünster crypt:
The Fraumünster crypt offers comprehensive insight into the history of the Fraumünster church, the reformation and the city of Zurich. This special space under the choir can accommodate a maximum of 20 visitors. When visiting the crypt, we recommend the crypt brochure, which is available at the kiosk/shop.